Xiralite® fluorescence imager X4 - Fluoreszenzbildgeber X4

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Model: Xiralite® fluorescence imager X4


YOM: 2015


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Selection and call of existing examinations

search masks according to examination date, status of findings or with free text search

Simple and clear registration of patient-related data such as surname, first name, date of birth, patient ID,

gender, clinic, physician, examiner and commentary

presetting of examination parameters such as measurement duration, image frequency and number of images

Graphical recording of the clinical symptoms "pain", "swelling", "restricted movement" of the hand and finger joints

finger joints

The graphically recorded findings can be saved or printed together with other examination data.

easy control and monitoring of the measurement process

Display of the recorded images in real time

Display of image data acquired over time

Definition of brightness and contrast settings for individual images or the entire image stack

Convenient support of image settings via sliders

Semiautomatic scaling of the window position depending on the measured signal intensities for single images or

the entire image data set

Support of reporting by integrated software tools

Simple documentation of findings via integrated tool, both electrically and as a printout

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