MRI - Siemens - Symphony

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pre owned

excellent cosmetic and technical condition

Model: Symphony


(The System will be dismantled until December 2020.)

YOM: 2006

Software: VA40A-SP02

Specifications: see below

Category: MRI

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Base plate Shoulder Array

Body Resonator

Cabinet Cooler, Water (CCS)

CCD Camera

Coil Body Array

Coil Body Array

Coil Body Array Extender 63

Coil Body Array Extender 63

Coil Body Array Flex 63

Coil Breast Array

Coil Extremity

Coil Flex large

Coil Flex small

Coil Head Array

Coil Interface

Coil Neck Array

Coil Shoulder Array, large

Cooling RCA




Flat Screen 18.1inch

Gradient Coil AS39T Quantum

Gradient System Quantum

Magnet System OR70

Measurement Control syngo MR

Monitor LCD 18 inch

PAMO 5 LCD-Display6

Patient Table

Processor MR-VA BR z420/K2000

Prozessor MR-VA AWP z420/K2000

RF Measurement System

RF Power Amplifier

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