You save time and costs with us!

  • planning

    search German market for your required used medical equipment.

    personal support for your business transactions in Germany.

    planning and budgeting your project

  • collecting

    Collection of medical devices from other companies and dealers in Europe. quality inspection of collected equipment.

  • packaging and crating

    benefit from our experience in field of packaging and crating used medical devices for all kinds of transport.

    just one load and transport order

  • shipping

    strong partners (DHL Express, Fedex, UPS, DSV Global Transport and Logistic, DSV XPress)

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... your medical equipment is always in good hands with us.

We are your teammates in Germany to support and assist you in all issues around planning your export/import project of used medical equipment. To save cost and time we are collecting your used medical equipment within Europe and do it in one cargo.

We have experience you can trust to handle medical devices that are oversized, very heavy and fragile.These items cannot simply be placed in any type of container and expected to endure the rigors of shipping. Cost-effective and safe packaging is the most important thing for a profitable project.